Toshio Kohsaka

Background Information

As of April 8, 1996
Member of Japan Professional Photographer Society

Date of Birth : 03, March,1963
Place of Birth : Tokyo ,Japan
Tertiary Education: Hosei University (Tokyo), BA (Social Science)
Work Experience: Freelance Photo-Journalist 7 years

Photographic Career

 Toshio Kohsaka has been taking documentary photos since age of 27. He has contributed photo-essays many times to Japanese magazines and newspapers. He has contracted with Asia Press international for 2 years and with APF News for 1 year. Now he is a self-employed freelance photo-journalist. He has been covering many stories in foreign countries. In Japan he has focused his eyes on the homeless people and the foreign migrant workers since 1990. His efforts focused on the homeless people in Nagoya, Japan were rewarded with his first photograph book, Four Seasons in Sasajima, Nagoya,published Fukushinkan in 1995. His photo-journalistic career profile is as follows;

Period             Subject Matter

1989              Bangladesh, Philippines (migrant workers)
1990              Soviet Russia , Estonia Baltic country
1990              Vietnam (20 years after Agent Orange Operation by US.Army)
1990              Thailand (Thailand -Burma Railway)
1991              After Soviet in Estonia
1991,92            Philippines(migrant workers,NGO)
1993              Palestine
1994              South Africa
1994              Estonia
1995              North Korea
1995              England

My Publishing Credits

Asahi Graph (A weekly Photography magazine published by Asahi
          Homeless People in Nagoya
          South Africa
          North Korea
          Rock concert at Glastonbury in England

AERA      (A weekly magazine published by Asahi Newspaper)
          Homeless people in Nagoya,Japan
          Foreign migrant workers in Japan

Post       (A weekly magazine published by Shogakkan)
          Vietnam , 20 years after Agent Orange Operation by

Sekai      (A monthly magazine published by Iwanami Shoten)
           Vietnam ,20 years after Agent Orange Operation by
           Homeless people in Nagoya,Japan
           Thailand-Burma Railway after ww2

PLAYBOY   ( A weekly magazine published by Shueisha)
          The Baltic countries in Soviet time
          Palestine ,September 1993 After the Agreement
          Philippine Pollution problem
          Homeless people in Nagoya,Japan
          Shutdown of a iron ore mining operation in Japan

Friday     (A weekly Photo-news magazine published by
          Malaysia's Trans-Peninsula International Off-Road
          Children among the conflicts in South Africa

Jiji       (A weekly magazine published by Jiji Press)
          The Baltic countries in Soviet time
          Portraits of singers ,actors and actress

PENTHOUSE ( Japanese Edition:published by Bunkasha )
          Pastor who were Yakuza, Japanese mafia

Ashita    ( A monthly magazine published by Gyosei Shuppan)
          Agriculture, daily farming, fishery in Japan
          Okinawa , 50 years after ww2

FROM A    ( A weekly magazine published by Recruit)
          The Baltic countries in Soviet time

PARCO     CD Jacket for African Jazz

Saga Newspaper

JapanTimes Newspaper
          Against Apartheid

Chunichi Newspaper
           Homeless people in Nagoya,Japan

Hoso-Bunka (A monthly magazine published by NHK Shuppan)
          Portraits of singers ,actors and actress

AN        (A weekly magazine published by Gakusei-engokai)
          Feature Pages titled Adventure Story (30times)
          Southeast Asia countries
          Baltic country


Tokai Television
          Filming in Estonia

Asahi News Star Television
          Filming in Estonia
          Filming in Palestine
          Filming in homeless people in Nagoya

Fukushinkan Postcard
'4seasons' Sasashima Nagoya
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